D’Amore Personal Injury Law Secures Life-Changing Settlement with Leading Oncology Experts

In our newsletter survey, we asked attorneys to tell us about their largest settlement or verdict this year to date. We spoke with Paul D'Amore from D'Amore Personal Injury Law about a life-changing settlement and how Expert Institute helped connect him with two highly-qualified experts.

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— Updated on September 8, 2022

D’Amore Personal Injury Law Secures Life-Changing Settlement with Leading Oncology Experts

The Firm

Baltimore’s Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyers

After almost 20 years of successful practice, Paul D’Amore founded D’Amore Personal Injury Law to focus on the real-life needs of people who have been catastrophically injured in medical malpractice, birth injury, and major accident cases. The firm has successfully represented injured parties against every major hospital in the Baltimore, MD, and Washington, D.C. areas, achieving successful outcomes and obtaining life-changing compensation for their clients.

“I started this firm in order to take a different approach to catastrophic injury litigation. We don’t look at cases as being  ‘worth’ a certain value.  We look at them as a means to provide a life for our clients. Because there is a big difference between ‘surviving’ and ‘living’.”

The Case

Abdominal Surgery Leaves Pediatric Client with Permanent Brain Injury

The D’Amore Law firm took on the case of a pediatric client who had been diagnosed with hepatoblastoma in the liver. Despite poor visualization of the tumor on successive CT studies, the patient was approved for surgery. During surgery, the surgical team lost control of the client’s bleeding, leading to cardiac arrest. As a result, the child was left with permanent brain damage and severe impairments that will require lifelong care.

The Challenge

Specialized Search Required to Locate Highly Experienced Expert

The case had been rejected by a previous law firm because of an inability to find expert support for the claim. D’Amore’s past experience with liver surgery cases led the firm to pursue a different liability theory. But, that theory required expert pediatric surgeons at the top of their game who were willing to take on a nationally recognized pediatric cancer center.

The Result

Stellar Experts Secure Life-Changing Settlement

Expert Institute was brought in to find the right experts for the case. Ultimately, EI connected the D’Amore Firm with not one, but two highly-qualified experts with 20 and 30 years of clinical experience respectively. These experts strengthened the plaintiff’s case substantially and led the hospital to begin settlement negotiations before any expert depositions were conducted. The D’Amore Firm was able to secure an early, 8-figure settlement that will provide for the lifetime of care and services their client will require.

“You don’t get major medical institutions to the negotiating table a year before trial with experts who are ‘the usual suspects.’ You get them there with exceptionally credentialed, credible professionals who can’t be painted as ‘hired guns.’ Those people rarely pick up the phone when a plaintiff’s medical malpractice firm calls them. But, when another doctor who understands the case calls, they answer. Our incredible success rate in catastrophic cases is a direct result of our work with Expert Institute.”


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