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We're honored to present Laura Shamp, a distinguished founding partner at Shamp Silk law firm and a celebrated Harvard Law School graduate. Known for her fierce competitive spirit that dates back to her Final Four college athlete days, Laura has made a name for herself by securing multi-million dollar verdicts against some of the world’s biggest corporations. Her commitment reaches beyond the courtroom, especially in her efforts to enhance medical care and patient safety in Georgia. Laura's dedication to advocating for victims of negligence and oversight shines through her work in medical malpractice. In her testimonial, Laura shares a powerful story of collaboration with Expert Institute, highlighting how our partnership played a pivotal role in a challenging case that resulted in a monumental $75 million verdict.

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Published on April 11, 2024

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"One of the things we like to focus on in our cases is ways in which we can shine a light on systemic problems in the medical industry and the medical field and hopefully make some people more aware of systemic problems and create a safer environment for patients in the state of Georgia.

Hi, my name is Laura shamp, I am the founding partner of Shamp Silk. We are a medical malpractice boutique firm in Atlanta, Georgia. Expert Institute was a great partner with me in one of my big cases which I recently got a $75 million verdict on. A young man, 32 years old, went to a chiropractor and had a neck adjustment. After the neck adjustment he went unresponsive and was immediately taken to the emergency room. He had suffered a posterior circulation stroke - a stroke in the the back part of the brain, and 12 hours went by before it was recognized as a stroke. So in that case we had a lot of different parties that ended up as defendants, and so I needed a lot of experts in a lot of different areas. We had five defendants going to trial so that was a big case. Expert Institute and I worked together closely to get all of the experts in line that we needed.

I've worked with Expert Institute for a long time, and I'm a firm believer in the value that Expert Institute brings to my practice. One of the problems when you have a lot of cases over a period of time, is sometimes I might have one good expert but I can only use them so much or it starts to looks like they're just my expert. Expert Institute allows me to have multiple experts in multiple fields that I'm able to vet- from orthopedic cases to oncology cases to neurology cases. It just frees up my time to do what I need to do practicing law."

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