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Articles by Todd Hatcher, J.D.

NCAA Faces Proposed Class Action Lawsuit Over Student Athlete Concussions

Last month, two former football players for Purdue University hit the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Big Ten Conference with a proposed class action lawsuit, claiming that both organizations failed to inform them about the risks associated with football-related…

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NFL Cheerleaders Face Down League With Wage Discrimination Litigation

On January 31st, five days before the New England Patriots’ late-game Super Bowl win over the Atlanta Falcons, a former San Francisco 49ers cheerleader filed a federal lawsuit against the National Football League. Identified only as an anonymous “Jane Doe,”…

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How to Manage Expert Witness Travel Fees

Due to the specialized nature of expert witnesses, attorneys may be find themselves in situations where they need to hire an expert witness who doesn’t live or work nearby. While experts usually charge set hourly fees for relevant tasks such…

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Can an Expert Witness be Sued?

witnesses are vital to any case involving technical, scientific, or otherwise specialized knowledge. Due to their knowledge on relevant subject matter, courts will place a greater value on an expert’s testimony. This reliance on expert testimony can, however, be ruinous…

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