Seth Mills, J.D.

Seth Mills, J.D., a career counselor at New York Law School, has a substantial background in legal education and public interest initiatives. Currently serving as the Director of Public Interest & Pro Bono Initiatives and an Adjunct Professor for the Law Office Externship Seminar at New York Law School, Seth focuses on guiding law students in their professional development and legal externship experiences.

Prior to these roles, Seth was a Legal Content Writer for the Expert Institute, contributing to the development and curation of legal content. At, Seth held multiple positions, including Senior Program Attorney and Managing Blog Editor, where he was responsible for creating legal educational materials and managing legal publications.

Seth's legal career began as an Associate Attorney at Sterling Analytics Group, providing a foundation in practical legal work. Additionally, Seth volunteered as a Policy Advocate with the Police Reform Organizing Project (PROP), demonstrating a commitment to public interest law.

In terms of education, Seth earned a J.D. cum laude from New York Law School, where they were involved in NYLS OUTlaws and the Criminal Law Society. Seth also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from Bard College at Simon's Rock. Their educational and professional experiences reflect a deep commitment to legal education, public interest law, and the mentoring of future legal professionals.

Seth Mills, J.D.

Medical Evidence Issues in Personal Injury Trials: Admitting Evidence in Medical Records to Prove or Challenge Causation and Damages

In personal injury cases, medical evidence is crucial to proving or challenging both causation and damages. Medical evidence, most commonly in the form of medical records and expert testimony, contains critical information about the plaintiff's injuries and treatment. However, medical records must meet certain requirements to be admitted into evidence under the Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE).

Posted on August 1, 2023 in Featured & FRE, Daubert, & Frye

$393M Settlement with Solvay Over PFAS Contamination

In June 2023, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) responded to a lawsuit concerning environmental contamination by unveiling a groundbreaking $393 million settlement proposal with Solvay Specialty Polymers, a Belgian chemicals company, to tackle PFAS contamination in the state.

Posted on October 3, 2023 in Featured & News

Florida Jury Awards $4.5M To Woman Injured In Box Truck Crash

A recent jury verdict in Duval County has awarded $4.5 million to a young woman injured as a teenager in 2013. The trial concluded in October following a decade of policy denials by State Farm Insurance Company.

Posted on December 12, 2023 in Featured & News

Another Styrofoam Cup Soup Lawsuit Settles for $300,000 in Long Beach

City Council settles for $300,000 in 2023 closed session over Long Beach camp incident, highlighting widespread issues and history of burn injuries linked to instant soup packaging.

Posted on February 6, 2024 in Featured & News

$8.9M Awarded to Car Crash Victim Following Rare Directed Verdict Win

In July, a Los Angeles jury awarded the victim of a drunk driving accident $8.9 million in damages, following an unusually directed verdict by the judge on the issue of liability and comparative fault. The jury also awarded punitive damages, to be determined later.

Posted on September 21, 2023 in Featured & News

Surgeon Can't Escape $1.18M Verdict Over Post-Surgery Infection

In January 2024, 8 years after the original surgery, the Virginia Court of Appeals upheld a $1.18 million jury verdict in a medical malpractice suit over a post-surgical infection, in Rodrigue v. Butts-Franklin.

Posted on February 27, 2024 in Featured & News

In New Jersey, Expert’s “Net Opinions” Are Not Created Equal

Expert witnesses play a critical role in helping parties prove their cases in court. Experts are often brought in to testify about complex technical or scientific matters that are outside the scope of a layperson's knowledge. However, not all expert opinions are admissible in court. In New Jersey, expert opinions that fail to meet certain criteria are considered "net opinions" and are inadmissible as evidence.

Posted on August 1, 2023 in Featured & Resources for Experts & FRE, Daubert, & Frye

Jury Awards $25 Million Verdict to Sexual Abuse Survivor

In December 2023, following a three-week trial, a jury awarded $25 million in a lawsuit against the Santa Barbara Unified School District. John Doe 2, now in his twenties, is one of three former students who have sued the school district over claims that Dos Pueblos High School failed to prevent a pattern of sexual harassment and abuse by football coach and security guard Justin Sell. The jury found that the school district was 80% responsible for the sexual abuse committed by Sell.

Posted on January 4, 2024 in Featured & News

Washington State School District Settles $9.5 Million Student Sex Abuse Case

In a significant development, the University Place School District in Washington State reached a landmark $9.5 million settlement to resolve sexual abuse allegations brought by three former students. The case revolves around allegations of abuse by David O'Connor, who served as a volunteer wrestling coach in the district for seven years.

Posted on August 1, 2023 in Featured & News

Balancing the Risks and Rewards of Social Media: 6 Tips for Expert Witnesses

Social media plays a big role in our lives. While social media can be a useful tool, there can be downsides to using it as an expert witness. We discuss the dos and don’ts of using social media for expert witnesses. 

Posted on July 27, 2022 in Featured & Resources for Experts