Michael Samson

Michael Samson

Robert Durst Case Draws Attention From Expert Witnesses

Robert Durst, the millionaire scion of a New York real estate empire, is most famous for being implicated in three murders over the span of three decades. Durst’s first alleged crime dates back to 1982 when his first wife, Kathie,  went missing. Though her body was never found, Kathie Durst was declared legally dead in

Posted on June 9, 2015 in News

Ellen Pao’s Small Victory Pays Big Dividends

In a surprising decision, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Harold Kahn tentatively ruled that interim Reddit CEO Ellen Pao must pay her former employer, Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, $275,966 to defray legal expenses from Pao’s failed sexual discrimination lawsuit. Judge Harold Kahn “granted in part and denied in part”

Posted on June 23, 2015 in News

Hulk Hogan Enlists Journalism Expert in Case Against Gawker

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan is reportedly paying between $250-$350 an hour to an expert witness in his suit against Gawker to read old Gawker posts and analyze them. Michael Foley, a professor of journalism at the University of Florida, is being paid $350 for time he spends testifying. As well as $250 an hour for

Posted on June 29, 2015 in News

Exposure to Organic Solvent Allegedly Causes Neurological Injuries

Case: Bonner v. ISP Techs., Inc., 259 F.3d 924 (8th Cir. 2001). Background: The plaintiff, an assembly line worker, was sprayed with organic cleaning solvent at work. As a result, she claims, she suffered from a wide variety of neurological (caused by brain damage), cognitive and psychological (caused by the initial exposure and subsequent health

Posted on July 5, 2015 in Working with Experts