Kandace Watkins, J.D.

Kandace Watkins serves as in-house counsel for a financial institution, where she focuses on employment, regulatory compliance, and tax-exemption issues.  She has prior litigation experience in workers' compensation and is a former judicial law clerk.

Kandace Watkins, J.D.

College Pays $8M to Settle Basketball Players' Abuse Suit

New Mexico State University settled an $8 million lawsuit over alleged neglect, sexual assault, and false imprisonment of basketball players.

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Macomb County Jury Awards Nearly $10 Million for Surgical-Wound-Infection Death

A Macomb County jury found that the defendants, Henry Ford Macomb Hospital and Dr. Vijay Dixit, were negligent in their treatment of the decedent.

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Surgeon’s Negligence Leads to $17.2 Million Verdict for Motorcyclist Left Paralyzed

After undergoing spinal surgery, a man suffered a stroke and was left paralyzed permanently. In the medical malpractice suit, the jury awarded the man $17.2 million for his paraplegia and stroke.

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Court of Appeals Reinstates $850,000 Verdict in Slip-And-Fall Case Against YMCA

In this personal injury case, the Court of Appeals of Indiana reversed the trial court’s order granting a new trial and reinstated the jury verdict against the YMCA. The Court of Appeals determined that the trial court failed to comply with Trial Rule 59.

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Jury Returned $2.4 Million Verdict For Negligent Breast Cancer Treatment

In this medical malpractice case, the plaintiff claimed that the negligence in the care and treatment of her breast cancer resulted in additional surgeries and increased her risk for future disease.

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Reverses 20-Year Venue Rule

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania recently reversed a rule regarding where plaintiffs can file medical malpractice cases.

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Iowa Agrees to $7.5M Settlement in Medical Negligence Claim

Plaintiff, Christopher Dolan, brought suit against the state of Iowa for its governance of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) in connection with the hospital’s negligent medical treatment. 

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Drinking Water Contaminated for Thousands Due to Navy’s Fuel Leak

On two separate occasions, Naval officials at the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility negligently caused the release of jet fuel into the Navy water line. Government officials failed promptly disclose the contamination, which affected thousands of residents.

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Federal Judge Awards Family $14.2 Million for Ear Infection Surgery Gone Wrong

In this medical malpractice case, a routine ear infection surgery led to permanent brain damage, resulting in a shortened life expectancy for the patient.

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Friedman Rubin and Plaintiffs Win $275M Verdict Against Bayer in PCB Exposure Case

Attorneys Richard H. Friedman and Henry G. Jones from Friedman Rubin along with attorneys Nicholas and Courtney Rowley of Rowley Law firm secured a $275 million verdict for the plaintiffs in a case against Bayer, the German multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, concerning the plaintiffs’ exposure to PCBs.

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