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Articles by John Lomicky

Firefighters Allegedly Contract Cancer From Exposure To Toxic Station Conditions

This case involves several otherwise healthy firefighters who died from non-hereditary cancers. These decedents all worked in the same district building that housed the defendant fire department. In addition, roughly one-third of the firefighters who worked in this building over…

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Music Producer Allegedly Plagiarizes Rising Artist’s Song

This case involves an intellectual property dispute between an upcoming musician and an established producer. The producer allegedly lifted portions of an original song written by the musician and included them in another artist’s song without the musician’s permission. An expert…

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Teenager Sustains Injuries In Unsafe Amusement Attraction

This case involves a group of teenagers who visited a haunted house exhibit in Massachusetts. The exhibit was a large installation constructed inside a warehouse. The installation had a long-standing reputation for being an incredibly scary and successful seasonal attraction.…

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Deputy Marine Drowns During Training Exercise Due to Allegedly Lax Safety Protocols

This case involves a female deputy who died in a boating accident during a training exercise in Michigan. The deputy frequently performed road and marine patrol. She was training on a lake with other deputies when she was ejected from…

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Stone Mason Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury From Fallen Block

This case involves a general contractor that hired a team of stonemasons to conduct repair work on a museum building that was a historical landmark. The masons were removing old stone blocks around the window according to blueprints and replacing them…

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Lack Of Security In Apartment Complex Leads To Auto Theft

This case involves a child who was killed during an incident of auto theft in a gated rent-controlled apartment complex. The complex had two gates; one securing the vehicle entrance and one securing a separate pedestrian entrance in the back…

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Attorney Allegedly Violates Legal Ethics Terms After Leaving Firm

This case involves an attorney who left his firm after 18 years following a compensation dispute. Upon leaving, the attorney allegedly began poaching clients and employees away from his former firm. The firm filed suit against the ex-employee for these deceptive…

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Train Line Construction Provokes Eminent Domain Dispute

This is an eminent domain dispute involving the construction of a high-speed train line. A defendant rail company sought to acquire portions of private residential property from property owners along the proposed line route the line. State law required that the…

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Retirement Plan Sponsor Fails To Maintain Adequate Record-Keeping

This case involves alleged breaches of fiduciary duty under ERISA for participants in 403(b) retirement plans. Plaintiffs claimed that the defendant plan sponsor failed to ensure that the plans retained prudent investment options and allowed the payment of unreasonable recordkeeping fees. Each…

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