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Articles by Joe O'Neill

6 Expert Witness Mistakes to Avoid

Your expert might be one of the most qualified people in his field. However, that alone won’t guarantee that he will be an asset to your case. The fact is that even the best experts are still human. The stress…

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Deposing an Expert Witness – 6 Tips For Success

Worried about deposing an opponent’s expert? Don’t be. With plenty of preparation and the right strategy you can flush out a weak expert well before your case goes to trial. We’ve rounded up some tips from top litigators and legal…

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Expert Witnesses: Battle of the Sexes

Ever wondered about the differences between men and women in the world of expert witnesses? As a follow up to our popular Expert Witness Fees infographic, we have used our industry leading expert witness fees data to illustrate the influence…

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Legal Blog Post Writing Contest

  The Expert Institute’s first-ever Legal Blog Post Writing Contest  is now live! To participate, submit a 1,000 to 2,500 word blog-style article on the use of expert witnesses in litigation through our online submission portal on the contest page…

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