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Articles by Wendy Ketner, M.D.

Hospital Patient With Pneumonia Suffers Cardiac Arrest

This case takes place in Oklahoma and involves a patient who was admitted to the hospital after developing pneumonia. A laboratory test indicated the patient had a low blood-sodium level. A three percent intravenous saline solution was ordered for the…

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OB/GYN Expert Witness Discusses Retained Products of Conception

This case involves a twenty-nine-year-old female who had retained products of conception (RPOC) following her delivery.¬†¬†The delivery was complicated by chorioamnionitis.¬†¬†The treating physician failed to recognize the RPOC for two weeks, resulting in a severe. As a result, the provider…

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Nurse’s IV Placement Technique Contributes to Cellulitis and Sepsis

This case involves a patient who was transported to a hospital after experiencing a cardiac event. While the patient was being worked up and awaiting treatment, a nurse had several failed attempts at placing an IV line and reportedly deviated…

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Patient Dies From Untreated Throat Cancer

This case involves a fifty-six-year-old female patient who underwent treatment for difficulty swallowing both solids and liquids. The patient underwent several rounds of therapeutic dilations and barium swallows but was never fully worked to exclude malignancy as a cause of…

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Severe Oral Infection and Cellulitis From Dental Implants

This¬†oral implant case involves a sixty-five-year-old patient who was referred by her dentist to an oral surgeon after she underwent a procedure to insert two internal Heximplant titanium dental implants. She also underwent bone grafts to create a proper surface…

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Spinal Surgery Complications Result in Foot Drop and Paralysis

This case involves a sixty-year-old female patient that was having extreme lower back pain that prompted a visit to her family doctor for an evaluation. Twenty years earlier, the patient had previous back surgery to the L3-L4 spine. The patient…

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Tympanoplasty Procedure Causes Severe Hearing Impairment

This case involves a ten-year-old female who underwent a complicated tympanoplasty. During the procedure, the otolaryngology/audiology¬†surgeon encountered a high jugular bulb and perforated through the vessel, which resulted in significant bleeding. During the recovery period, the patient experienced conductive hearing…

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Botched Tarsal Tunnel Surgery Causes Severe Nerve Damage

This case involves a 52-year-old female patient who required a tarsal tunnel release surgery on her right foot. Within one week of surgery, the patient developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy caused by bandages that were applied too tightly after surgery. ¬†…

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Kinked Ureter and Kidney Failure From Hysterectomy Procedure

This case¬†involves¬†a 40-year-old woman who presented for an elective laparotomy with lysis of adhesions, enterolysis, and abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo oophorectomy. During surgery, the Foley catheter was removed because the patient did not pass urine for some time and…

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