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Articles by Cody Porcoro

Fireplace Explosion is Linked to Defective Gas System

This case involves a woman from Oklahoma who was severely injured when an open gas fireplace with a glass guard on its perimeter exploded. The gas fireplace¬†was located at a home owned by the plaintiff’s colleague, whom she knew from…

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Motion Capture Experts Evaluate Alleged Patent Infringement by Special Effects Firm

This is a patent dispute in Virginia¬†between two manufacturers of motion capture technology used in the film and video game industries to capture motion performances from actors. The data is captured via accelerometers, magnetometers, and gyroscopes that can very accurately…

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Gym Member Suffers Severe Injuries in Treadmill Accident

This case involves a client in Virginia¬†who severely injured herself during a personal training class held at her local gym, where the facilities are fairly dark and loud. The plaintiff was at the health club in a class where members…

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Gynecologic Oncology Expert Discusses Fatal Post-Hysterectomy Embolism

This case involves a female patient in Michigan¬†who was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She underwent a hysterectomy, however the patient was not placed on any blood clot¬†prophylaxis post-operatively. A few weeks after the procedure, the patient was noted to be…

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