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3 Ways Attorneys Can Speed Up Their Case Timelines

There are several tools that help attorneys reduce the time they spend on cases. We discuss three specific tools that benefit attorneys in speeding up their case timelines.

Dani Alexis Ryskamp, J.D.

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— Updated on December 9, 2022

3 Ways Attorneys Can Speed Up Their Case Timelines

Time is money, and few professionals are more aware of this than attorneys. For lawyers, time can affect the availability or quality of evidence and the ability to handle a case effectively.

Several tools allow attorneys to reduce the time they spend on cases. By reducing the time required to close a case, attorneys can better manage their work while still offering quality results for their clients. These three tools allow attorneys to find case evidence more quickly, allowing them to speed up case timelines for settlements.

Gather Evidence Quickly With Research Guides

Every case is different, and many lead to complex areas of medicine or science. With Research Guides, attorneys can more easily gather the research they need when filing a complaint.

Attorneys begin the Research Guide process by explaining the topics they’re interested in or the information they’re looking for. Our physicians then review the available literature and gather relevant information. Next, they create a well-cited report outlining potential causal links, relevant risk factors, and other areas attorneys will need to understand.

Research Guides can also provide insight into a case theory. The reports offer viewpoints and evidence for, or against, key arguments relating to the theory. Research Guides allow attorneys to think through their approach more quickly and completely.

Research Guides also help expert witnesses do their work more efficiently. Attorneys who share information gathered through this service help their expert witness understand key issues in the case. By sharing information, attorneys help the expert witness get up to speed more quickly.

Tighten Up Your Case Theory With Medical Record Review

Another way to save time while improving your case theory and speeding up your case timeline is through Medical Record Reviews. In Medical Record Reviews, attorneys consult and collaborate with expert witnesses to better understand and develop their theory of the case.

By working with a physician early in the process, attorneys can focus on the best possible arguments for their client. They can understand key details that affect theories of liability and causation. Additionally, attorneys can gain insight into medical or scientific details that may call for higher damages. Attorneys also get a physician’s insight on how to ask technical questions that get to the heart of key issues. The questions attorneys could ask could be during expert witness depositions or cross-examinations.

Physicians within the Medical Record Reviews can also help speed up the process of reviewing tedious or extensive medical charts. Using Medical Record Reviews allows attorneys to spend more time focusing on the best way to resolve the case at hand.

By developing a clear case theory quickly, attorneys save time in creating a case. Furthermore, attorneys can save time with building strong arguments addressing liability, causation, and damages. They also arm themselves with the information they need to move toward a swift resolution. 

Retain Better Experts with Expert Search

A top-quality expert witness is indispensable. Finding an excellent expert in a sea of potential candidates, however, can take a great deal of time and effort. Legal teams may spend weeks searching for an expert with the right combination of specialties. Even with that research, the team may find themselves settling for the closest candidate available who may or may not be the ideal fit.

With Expert Searches, attorneys save time by gaining access to a custom recruiting service consisted of leading experts. Expert Searches include experts in every state and jurisdiction on a wide range of topics and specialties. We gather your requirements for an expert witness then contact industry-leading professionals. Next, we perform background checks and provide a list of the experts that meet every one of your specifications.

Instead of your team spending weeks on an expert witness search, Expert Institute completes Expert Searches in a matter of days. Recommendations are made from a field of professionals in active practice. The recommendations consider factors like specialty areas, work experience, litigation history, fees, certifications, location, and more.

By narrowing their focus to pre-screened, experienced experts from the beginning, attorneys can gain the expertise they need. In some cases, expert witnesses can help an attorney argue in favor of a swift resolution based on credentials alone.

The longer a case drags on, the more difficult things can become for both attorney and client. By choosing the right sources of assistance, however, attorneys can work toward faster, more satisfying case resolution, thereby speeding up the case timeline.

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