Workplace Injury Results in Testicular Torsion

    heavy lifitngThis case takes place in Maine and involves a man who suffered injuries while performing his job duties. As a result of lifting heavy equipment, he suffered a severe testicular torsion. The man subsequently lost the injured testicle, and his fertility is now in jeopardy. The defense claims that the man, throughout his life, had a condition known as “clapper bell deformity.” The plaintiffs position is that the torsion was caused by the physical exertion in the lifting of heavy equipment.


    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Do you have experience treating patients who have suffered testicular torsion?
    • 2. Can this injury be caused due to heavy lifting?
    • 3. Is there anyway to determine cause of injury- heavy lifting or congenital?
    • 4. Are you available to review medical records and determine what caused this injury?

    Expert Witness Response E-001140

    I have had extensive experience with testicular torsion over the past 20 years. Heavy lifting and exertion is very common with this diagnosis. The question becomes as to the plaintiff’s h/o of clapper bell deformity, his age and his urologic history and incidence of testicular pain or issues in the past. It is difficult to determine the actual cause although it is often brought on by exertion and lifting.

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