Woman Is Unable To Return To Work Following Chainsaw Injury


    Workers Compensation ExpertThis case involves a 46-year-old woman who was using a 2-year-old chainsaw to cut wood in her backyard. Further investigation revealed that the saw was missing its movable guard. As the woman was cutting through a block of wood, the saw disassembled and the blade caused lacerations to her face, chest, and shoulder. The woman required many surgeries, including facial reconstruction. The woman formerly worked in a client-facing job as a sales professional and was unable to return to work. A vocational expert was sought to opines on the potential complications the woman will experience moving forward.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please briefly describe your vocational rehabilitation experience with patients who have undergone severe trauma like the patient described.

    Expert Witness Response E-164702

    I have 10+ years worth of experience in vocational rehabilitation with patients with varied trauma and limitations. This experience includes cases within workers compensation, no-fault insurance, federal or city mandated vocational rehabilitation services, and expert witness testimony.  I have experience meticulously reviewing medical documentation and diagnosis of patients who have undergone severe trauma. I use this documentation to determine what the patient’s vocational responsibilities and physical requirements were in their previous job setting and provide vocational counseling and job placement assessment regarding their current/potential functional capacity outcome. I have also calculated loss of wage earning capacity. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach in vocational rehabilitation, I have been able to appropriately identify and place individuals in suitable jobs that are aligned with their skills, academic level, interest and physical capabilities.

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