Vocational Economics Analysis of Future Lost Earnings in a Sports Injury

This case study explores a sports injury incident involving an 18-year-old collegiate athlete who suffered a permanent disability due to inadequate training, impacting his future earning capacity.

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Published on February 6, 2024

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Case Overview

This case study delves into an incident involving an 18-year-old collegiate athlete who sustained a severe injury during their inaugural weightlifting session.

During a squat with heavy weights, the student suffered a herniated disk in his lower back. As a result of this unfortunate event, multiple surgeries were required and a permanent disability resulted.

The trainer was accused of failing to provide adequate training on correct lifting techniques and instructing the student to lift such heavy weights without proper preparation. As a result of the injuries, the student’s anticipated career trajectory and future job prospects have been adversely affected.

The case was reviewed by an expert in vocational economics who opined on potential future losses in income.

Questions to the Vocational expert and their responses


Could you describe your professional background in vocational economics, particularly as it pertains to calculating future lost earnings?

I am a Board-Certified Vocational Expert holding Diplomate Status from the American Board of Vocational Experts. I also possess earnings analyst certification from the American Rehabilitation and Economics Association (AREA). Since 1997, I’ve been running my private practice where I offer testimony, conduct vocational assessments, provide Social Security VE testimony, and carry out economic analysis.


What additional information would you require to determine his job prospects given his permanent disability?

To accurately estimate the student’s future earning capacity, I would need comprehensive information about their educational background, skills, work history if any, medical prognosis, and the nature of their disability. These factors are crucial in determining how their earning capacity might be affected by their permanent disability.


Have you previously reviewed a similar case? If yes, please elaborate.

Yes, over my career, I have testified in several sports-related incidents. These cases often involve personal injury, wrongful death, and medical malpractice, where I assess loss of earning capacity and damages.

About the expert

This expert is a seasoned professional in vocational testing and earning capacity assessments, with over two decades of experience. They are a certified earnings analyst and vocational expert, maintaining active memberships in the American Rehabilitation Economics Association and the American Board for Vocational Experts. Currently serving as a consultant at a private consultancy in Pennsylvania, they regularly conduct vocational testing and earning capacity assessments, leveraging their extensive background in business and economics education.

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