Vocational Rehabilitation Expert Comments on Employment Prospects for Injured Welder

    Vocational Rehabilitation Expert Comments on Employment Prospects for Injured Welder

    Vocational Rehabilitation Expert WitnessThis case involves an individual employed as a welder at a large scale metal fabricator. On the date of the incident in question, the man was assisting with the assembly of a large, prefabricated steel component for an observation tower. At some point, one of the hoists holding up a large piece of steel failed, causing the metal to fall on the man’s hand and severing it completely. As a result of his injuries, the man is no longer able to perform his duties as a welder.

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    • 1. Please describe your experience preparing vocational reports for individuals with injuries like the one described.

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    I have over 11 years of experience working as a vocational rehabilitation counselor. In addition to placing individuals on jobs requiring accommodations, I have tested hundreds of individuals to determine which jobs they are eligible for and what accommodations would be helpful. I work with individuals going through workers’ compensation, veterans transitioning from the military, Department of Labor clients, personal injury clients, and individuals needing vocational rehabilitation services. I have prepared reports for many clients including injuries to extremities. Since the use of hands is critical in so many work environments, I would prepare a report that details how this loss would effect the individual in many different work settings as well as what accommodations would be necessary and helpful and what jobs they would be able to do based on injuries and transferable skills. I have recently reviewed a similar case where the individual was injured from a shard of glass causing severe limitations in their hand.

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