Truck Driver Allegedly Fails To Stabilize Concrete Pump

    Concrete Expert

    This case involves a laborer who was killed by a concrete boom after a concrete pumping truck was called to a construction site. The driver pulled the truck up to the designated area and began to stabilize the pump. When the outriggers were placed, one of them fell through a patch of newly laid concrete, causing the boom to come out of place. The outrigger swung and hit a laborer in the head, killing him instantly. It was alleged that the truck and pump were not stabilized correctly before use.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your experience setting up concrete trucks and pumps at construction sites.
    • 2. What the proper steps to make sure a pump is stabilized correctly?

    Expert Witness Response E-146348

    I have worked in the concrete pump industry for 39 years and still operate concrete trucks and pumps at construction sites and I have reviewed the safety aspects of many similar cases as the chairman of a concrete pumping organization’s safety committee. There are many steps to making sure a pump is stabilized correctly. An operator must ask a series of questions to the site supervisor, ensuring that the surface that the boom was placed on was both strong enough and thick enough to withstand the weight. After ensuring structural strength, I would be sure to extend the boom to the furthest point without concrete loaded in order to check that there was no settling of the ground and would help to ensure that the load of the boom was stable.

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