Toddler Seriously Injured By Improperly Stacked Boxes At Large Retailer

Retail Safety

This case involves a toddler at a large bix box retail store who wandered into an aisle where boxes were being unloaded. There were 6 employees unloading boxes and shelving items in the aisle but none of them noticed the toddler wander in. The employees had quickly stacked the boxes in columns and the boxes at the top of each stack were precariously perched. As the child entered the aisle, she accidentally stumbled into a stack of boxes, causing the top box to fall on top of her. The items inside the box were extremely heavy, causing the toddler serious injuries and subsequent brain damage. An expert in retail safety was sought to discuss best practices for stacking, leaving stacks of boxes on the sales floor, and employee training.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please briefly describe your familiarity with box stacking protocol at a retail location.

Expert Witness Response E-004539

I am a retail store designer by trade and have a thorough knowledge of retail store operations and safety. My experience with a large retail corporation has educated me on their standards for staff review of potential accident inspections and manual stipulations of compliance when it comes to this pallet condition. I have published articles regarding retail accidents, led webinars on the topic, and have many years of experience lecturing at retail industry conferences. I have experience in at least five cases in which the pallet or platform in an aisle was the cause of the retail liability and have never been disqualified on a retail case. I have served as an expert retail witness in supermarket cases for the plaintiff involving slip and fall, display design malfunctions, and product display presentation at wholesale and home improvement retailers.


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