Technology Issue Delays Project Timeline At Bioprocessing Plant

    Project Management ExpertThis case involves a technology issue relating to the fouling of heat exchangers at a bioprocessing plant during a major project. The technology in question reduces fouling through the use of enzymes which chemically break down the acids found in certain biomaterials. It was alleged by the bioprocessing plant that an insoluble byproduct of this process consistently fouled the plant’s processing equipment causing delays in the project timeline. An expert in bioprocessing plant management and operations was sought to review the source of the fouling problem and discuss liability for the resulting delay in production.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please discuss your experience with daily operations and management of bioprocessing plants.
    • 2. Please describe your experience and familiarity with fouling in heat exchangers.

    Expert Witness Response E-007187

    I have 36 years of experience in petroleum and bioprocessing, advanced academic training and, more importantly, experience in ethanol project management, plant construction, and operations. I also have served on due diligence teams for oil companies that acquired ethanol plant assets. I am an expert in the fouling of heat exchangers.  I have worked for a few leading ethanol plant builders and can advise on wet and dry mills and have served as an expert witness in three biofuel cases.

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