Tax attorney blacklisted from industry seeks economic loss valuation

economic loss valuationThis case involves a plaintiff who was hired by a major paper manufacturer as a senior tax attorney back in 2007. Becoming a senior tax attorney requires many years of experience in an industry that is extremely complex, requires a deep understanding of how tax laws work and how to represent clients who have serious and potentially life-altering legal issues. Becoming a senior tax attorney requires extensive legal and accounting education, but most of all, it entails gaining an extremely high level of trust. Unfortunately, sometime after his hiring, the plaintiff reported several instances of fraudulent activity, at which point he was terminated by the company. Though the plaintiff and the company both drafted and signed a separation agreement at the time of his hiring, that agreement was subsequently breached upon his termination. Because of the company’s actions, the high level of trust he had established during his career was suddenly gone. As a result, the plaintiff finds himself blacklisted as a tax attorney and unable to secure a position in the industry he had chosen for his career.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • Are you capable of forecasting and valuing a career?

Expert Witness Response E-006874

I have performed a significant number of earning capacity valuations, in order to assist plaintiffs in setting economic loss figures. These types of assessments tend to focus on several aspects of a person’s career, including a person’s functional capacity, their employment skills and capabilities, their level of transferable skills and their knowledge of a chosen industry. In addition to those, we also factor in such aspects of their career as their work ethic and values, aptitude, interests and employment readiness. A good comprehensive analysis will also tend to make an assessment of the plaintiff’s available vocational options and their retraining requirements and it will include a thorough analysis of the current labor market.

This expert is extremely experienced and capable, with a double certification, both as a Certified Public Accountant and as a forensic accountant. This expert has accumulated more than 30 years of valuable experience in the accounting field thus far in his career. The expert currently serves as a shareholder in a major accounting firm and can also claim extensive legal experience, as well. Additionally, this expert has membership in a number of prestigious and highly respected accounting organizations, such as the American Institute of Public Accountants and has given an extensive number of presentations on a variety of topics pertinent to the accounting field.

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