Stone Mason Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury From Fallen Block

    Expert EngineerThis case involves a general contractor that hired a team of stonemasons to conduct repair work on a museum building that was a historical landmark. The masons were removing old stone blocks around the window according to blueprints and replacing them with new ones. One of the masons removed a middle block causing several blocks which should have stayed in place to drop. Another mason attempted to prevent the block from falling, but the block dropped on the plaintiff’s head causing him severe brain trauma and facial injuries. It was alleged that the general contractor’s failure to comply with critical aspects of state industrial code caused the tragic accident.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your background as an engineer.
    • 2. What is your experience with state industrial code?
    • 2. Based on your assessment, what measures could have been taken to avoid the accident?

    Expert Witness Response E-052652

    I have amassed 20+ years of experience in the design and construction of buildings. During this time, I have provided expert testimony with regard to code-related matters, along with code analysis for design and construction. I have taught classes in professional studies and continuing education in construction management, and I have taught technical seminars and classes on construction materials and techniques. As a licensed architect, I am responsible for composing, troubleshooting, and reviewing contract documents, code familiarity, applicability. A thorough understanding of these responsibilities is an integral part of architectural standard services. Furthermore, as a construction manger, understanding of construction means and methods, the code, and industry standards are critical to any project. With regard to determining measures that could have been taken to avoid this particular accident, additional information is required in order to make and opinion or determination. I am best qualified to opine as an expert related to code review, as I have extensive experience in this area and have provided expert advice and testimony in negotiations, mediation, depositions, and litigation as an expert architect and expert construction manager.

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