SEC Expert Reviews Whistleblower Revenue Recognition Claims

    SEC Expert This case involves complaints from various employees of a publicly traded company regarding their employer’s revenue recognition practices. It was alleged that the employer was recognizing revenue from high-tech and other specialized systems before their installation when the employer was the only business qualified to install. The employees were fired in retaliation for their complaints. An expert in accounting with specific experience in revenue recognition practices was sought to opine on the matter.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your experience in auditing publicly traded companies, particularly as it relates to revenue recognition.
    • 2. What materials would you need to review if the aforementioned complaints are reasonable?

    Expert Witness Response E-225480

    I am an expert in revenue recognition related to SEC reporting. I served as a deputy chief accountant at the SEC for 5 years and authored a 600-page revenue recognition guide. I currently serve as a member of the FASB/IASB joint transition resource group for revenue recognition. I have served as an expert witness in several cases involving whistleblower revenue recognition. I would be happy to learn more about what documentation the attorney has available for review.

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