Seasoned Economics Consultant Reviews Antitrust Allegations

    Antitrust ExpertThis case involves allegations of collusion made by an aluminum manufacturer in Ohio. The manufacturer alleged that a competing manufacturer had monopolized the regional aluminum market via exclusive contracts with the most prominent distributors. An expert in antitrust economics was sought to review the matter and opine on the existence or lack of anti-competitive practices on the part of the alleged monopoly.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Under what circumstances might exclusive agreements with a distributor constitute an unfair or anti-competitive business practice?

    Expert Witness Response E-097835

    I have worked on 20+ antitrust matters, including cases involving construction materials for both antitrust and business valuation.

    Expert Bio:

    This expert economist earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics, his MBA in finance, and his Ph.D. in financial economics. He also has his chartered financial analyst credential from the CFA Institute and is a member of several societies for financial analysts. He formerly served as a consultant for a resource planning company before he became a partner at several of the most renowned national consulting companies. In addition, he served as a visiting professor of finance at various large research universities on the west coast. Currently, this expert is a partner at an economic and accounting consulting firm.

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