Risk Management Expert Discusses Worker Compensation Following Subway Accident

    Workers Compensation DisputeThis is a disability discrimination case involving an underground technician who was severely injured while repairing the tracks of a privately-owned underground transport system in Wisconsin. After being asked to work a strenuous job and use heavy-duty construction equipment for nearly two years, the technician injured both his back and leg, causing his employers to let him go after the second injury. When the technician’s employer refrained from acting to accommodate his disability, he filed for discrimination and wrongful termination in violation of government code. The case necessitated experts in workers compensation who could discuss how and why similar claims can cause health premiums to go up.

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    • 1. What is your professional experience with relation to this case?

    Expert Witness Response E-035651

    I offer over thirty years of strong technical background and experience in personal and commercial casualty insurance including auto, general liability, and workers’ compensation. I am the former Risk Manager of a public school district, where I assumed responsibility for the district’s property, liability, self-insured workers’ compensation programs, employee health programs and welfare benefits. Currently, I serve on the risk management board of a state-funded university and have held multiple positions on other boards to minimize liability and streamlike workers’ compensation.

    I have significant experience in litigated casualty claims and case management, along with a thorough knowledge of tort liability, common law principles, workers’ compensation law, the Labor Code, underwriting, sound risk management and loss control procedures.

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