Residential Property Owners Resist Eminent Domain Imposition

    Realtor ExpertThis case involves an eminent domain proceeding in Nebraska. A large energy company proposed building a power plant complex allegedly for public benefit which required the company to seize residential property in the plant’s proposed vicinity. Residential property owners asserted that the energy company overstepped its bounds in forcing owners to hand over their property to a private, for-profit company. An expert in real estate and eminent domain proceedings was sought to consult on the issue.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your experience as a real estate agent, broker, and/or appraiser.
    • 2. What is your familiarity with eminent domain proceedings?

    Expert Witness Response E-137836

    I have been a general certified appraiser for 10 years. I have also been a professional engineer for 25 years and a Supreme Court approved mediator (core and civil). With this combination of qualifications, I am accustomed to practicing both together in the fields of eminent domain and Uniform Act. I am quite familiar with eminent domain, police power regulation, and the shifting lines between them. I also have experience with the Uniform Relocation Assistance Act (Uniform Act) and with the implementing regulations of 49 CFR Part 24. I have taken a wide variety of commercial parcels through the entire Uniform Act process. I have served as expert witness on a number of cases and have been qualified on the stand as an expert in traffic engineering and safety as well as commercial property valuation.

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