Public Relations Investigates Music Industry Defamation Case


Public Relations ExpertThis case involves a public libel claim levied against a high profile defendant in the music industry. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant assaulted her early in her career. She further alleged that she was coerced into offering sexual favors in exchange for the defendant advancing her career with certain record labels. When the plaintiff brought the allegations forward to the media, she said it was a career ender for her. The defendant, his attorney, and his public relations team completely refuted the claims, discrediting the accuser as absurd. The plaintiff claimed that this alleged defamation emotionally and financially harmed her, as she has now been vilified both personally and professionally. An expert in public relations was sought to speak the public relations of scandal and crises in the entertainment industry.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your PR experience as it relates to this case.
  • 2. Are you confident in speaking to the standard of care for PR professionals as it relates to the entertainment industry?

Expert Witness Response E-048830

I have been in public relations and media relations for more than a decade and handled many diverse clients for their generating positive visibility. I have clients in business, healthcare, technology, government, entertainment, and non-profit, among other industries. My pitch is that everyone has a story to tell, and it becomes my job to get those messages out to the public in order for them to respond. I have lectured a couple of groups on the merits of good public relations and the problems with negative press. Those issues have been addressed with members of Business Networking International and several Chambers of Commerce. This is a case of “he said, she said,” which makes it tough to litigate unless there was a third party involved that can collaborate one of these stories. Unless there is evidence that can be backed up by a doctor’s examination, police investigation or the like, then the case may not have much to stand on legally. Because these allegations happened several years ago, there may be few people who can vouch for either side, and the evidence collected may have been compromised or lost because of time.

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