Poor Park Conditions Blamed For Fatal ATV Accident

    ATV ExpertThis case involves a woman that was injured while riding her ATV at a park with designated ATV trails. She was driving at a reasonable rate of speed and going around a curb in an area that was allegedly poorly maintained. Her ATV slid off in the opposite direction causing her to topple over an embankment. She was in critical condition from the injuries she suffered during the crash and succumbed to her injuries 2 days later. It was alleged that the poor maintenance of the course was to blame for the accident. An expert in accident reconstruction with specific experience in ATV accidents was sought to inspect the property and vehicle to determine whether the vehicle lost control due to road conditions.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your experience in accident reconstruction as it pertains to ATVs.

    Expert Witness Response E-213766

    I have had nearly 30 years of experience in the field of accident reconstruction. I was the first ACTAR accredited reconstructionist in my state, and I believe that I may currently be the only one in that state. I do own my own total station, which enables me to forensically document the scene of the crash, along with photographic and video capabilities. I have reviewed several cases where roadway condition was one of the issues in question and have successfully communicated my findings to my client in order to assist in a successful settlement of the case. In addition, I have ridden and owner ATV’s for several years, and have successfully completed an ATV accident investigation class. I am assuming he was going around a curve, hit the gravel and debris and went straight, and the roadway didn’t. I am also inquisitive as to the experience of the rider, and the condition of the ATV.

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