Pathologist Opines on Breast Biopsy Analysis


    A contentious breast cancer diagnosis as brought to trial after a cancer specialist erred in his estimation of a patient. The patient, who had recently developed an abnormal tissue lump of on one breast, was recommended to a cancer specialist who took tissue samples of the lump and reviewed it for pathology. The tissues samples came back as negative, and the patient was told she was free of cancer. However, her case quickly became critical, and the initial analysis was deemed insufficient and potentially life-threatening as the patient went on to need a simple mastectomy to combat the virulent cancer. The pathologist was sued for an incorrect analysis, and an expert in breast pathology was needed to assess whether the tissue samples had been read correctly.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Do you specialize in breast pathology?
    • 2. What percentage of your practice is breast pathology?

    Expert Witness Response E-009367

    I am formally fellowship-trained in Breast Pathology at a large research university, and am also specialized in Breast Pathology in my everyday pathology practice. About half of my practice consists of breast pathology, and we review breast cases in consultation from outside institutions as part of our daily practice.

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