Woman is Seriously Injured by Paper Shredder

    Product Liability Expert WitnessThis case involves a woman who was severely injured by a paper shredder. The plaintiff, a twenty-seven-year-old female, was shredding documents, taking them from her desk, rolling her chair to the shredder, and then shredding them. While doing this, she slipped and her hair became caught in the shredder, tearing at her head and ripping parts of her scalp. An equipment design expert was sought to opine on the case.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Was the paper shredder improperly designed?

    Expert Witness Response E-005168

    I have been recognized as a design expert as well as a product development specialist. I was involved in a number of kitchen/household appliance development projects. I can certainly explain how we have incorporated various safety considerations into our designs. For example, multiple touch points on blenders to engage the motor. A paper shredder could very easily incorporate a weight sensor or multiple touch points for motor engagement to ensure that it is being used properly and intentionally. The design of these machines, sold at retail for in-home use, is relatively dangerous and there are plenty of design considerations that these manufactures ought to consider. I have worked with marketing teams to ensure that products are viable for the marketplace and I have worked with manufacturing teams to ensure that products are not only safely and adequately designed, but also economically feasible.

    Expert Bio

    This expert is a product development and design specialist with more than 22 years of product development experience within the consumer, industrial and commercial markets. He has researched, designed, engineered, and developed products in numerous categories including consumer housewares, medical equipment, industrial equipment, toys, automotive, lighting and fitness equipment. He is knowledgeable on manufacturing process and procedure development; graphic development, package and merchandising development; QAQC process development and implementation. He has additional expertise in Asian sourcing and manufacturing transitioning, including frequent travel within Taiwan and China.

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