Negligent Serving Of Alcohol Allegedly To Blame For Violent Bar Fights


Dram Shop ExpertThis case involves a woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury after getting caught in a fight outside a bar. Before the incident in question, a fight broke out between two men inside the bar. The man who instigated the fight was a regular bar patron with a reputation for drinking to excess. In response to the fight, the bouncers of the bar attempted to separate the fighting patrons. At the same time, the bartender turned on the lights, closed the bar, and told everyone to leave the bar. As people moved outside, additional fights broke out. A woman who was leaving the bar attempted to pass a group of people fighting and was accidentally hit by one of the men. The woman fell to the ground and the impact caused her to suffer a traumatic brain injury. She was unable to return to work as a nurse following the incident. It was alleged that the bar in question knowingly over-served patrons who should have been cut off.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your experience in bar management.

Expert Witness Response E-071435

I have 35 years in the bar and restaurant business and have consulted for 100+ restaurant and bars in all phases of operations, including training manuals. I served as the director of operations for a bar concept with 20+ locations as well as well as restaurant and bar locations for over 20 years. I have set up bar programs, hotel operations programs, manuals, and training policies, and have worked directly with public and state agencies responsible for regulating, inspecting, and taxing the production, sale, and use of alcoholic beverages. I am familiar with state policies as they relate to handling drunk customers.

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