Music Producer Allegedly Plagiarizes Rising Artist’s Song


Music Intellectual Property ExpertThis case involves an intellectual property dispute between an upcoming musician and an established producer. The producer allegedly lifted portions of an original song written by the musician and included them in another artist’s song without the musician’s permission. An expert in digital rights management was sought to review the case and discuss the validity of the claim.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please briefly describe your experience in the digital rights management field.
  • 2. Do you have any experience with coding and/or managing DRM software?

Expert Witness Response E-063308

I have consulted with more than a dozen vendors of digital rights management technology and with many other companies that were looking to evaluate or adopt digital rights management. I have also helped to design two digital rights management systems, one for music, the other for e-books. I have worked on these cases extensively and I am a bit of a digital rights management guru. I have worked in this field as an expert witness work on IPR matters.

Expert Bio:

This expert is a seasoned consultant in technologies, business strategy, and intellectual property issues related to content in the digital age. He has deep experience in and knowledge of major content industries including publishing, music, video, and in-depth knowledge of copyright law as it relates to the Internet. He comes from a computer science and IT background, combined with experience in marketing and strategy, and education in finance. This expert has completed projects for content providers including content technology architecture, process and organizational design, RFP and vendor selection, digital media strategy, and digital rights.

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