Motorcyclist collides with car after truck obscures driver’s view of road

motorcycleThis case involves a man who was driving and came to the intersection of two roads. One of the roads was a highway that had a speed limit of 50 miles per hour and was a three-lane road with southbound and northbound lanes and a center lane for left turns. The man was driving down the other road, which had a stop sign where it intersected the highway from the west and that formed a T-shaped intersection with the highway. There was a motel just north of the intersection on the west side of the highway next to the south bound lane. The man was driving his pickup truck east on the road and wanted to make a left-hand turn onto the highway going north, which required crossing the highway’s southbound lane. When he reached the stop sign at the intersection and looked toward the southbound highway lane to his left, his view was obstructed by a large tractor trailer truck. The truck was owned and operated by a major supermarket chain. The front of the truck was about 80 feet to the man’s north. Another man was riding a motorcycle heading south on the highway at 35-40mph. The motorcyclist did not notice the tractor trailer truck and did not notice that there was an intersection at the road as he approached it. The man crept forward in his pickup truck past the stop sign, and tried to see around the tractor trailer truck to check for traffic. The man could not see the motorcycle approaching until his pickup truck was about halfway out into the southbound highway lane. The man accelerated across the lane and tried to avoid the motorcycle but he collided with the motorcycle. The motorcyclist was thrown from the bike and was seriously injured. A traffic engineering/highway design and construction expert is sought to opine on this case.