Manufacturer Accused Of Selling Defective Construction Materials

Expert CPAThis case involves a manufacturer of construction materials that was accused of selling and installing defective and structurally unsound materials at a discounted rate to hundreds of homeowners. Among the reported damages included ceiling cave-ins and structural collapses. A financial expert experienced in the evaluation of construction projects and their costs was sought to speak to the variety in damages and costs associated with differing levels of service and products.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your experience calculating costs and/or damages for contracting/construction cases.

Expert Witness Response E-013854

I am one of six practitioners in the country that currently serves on a CPA economic damages committee. The committee’s role is to develop technical guidance for CPA practitioners who conduct damage analysis. A significant portion of my practice involves damage calculations. Within the damages arena, I work on many different types of cases, including construction claims and product defect/liability claims. For example, I served as the expert in a matter that involved allegations that a company’s construction products were defective. Particularly, my analysis focused on the company’s alleged costs, as well as projected future damages involved in repairing and remediating thousands of allegedly defective products. I also spent significant time looking at the uniformity of the claims and related warranties.

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