Man Is Crushed By Rotting Tree In University Arboretum

Tree / Forestry ExpertThis case involves a man that was crushed by a live oak tree branch in South Carolina. The man was walking through a field at a large university-owned arboretum. According to the university, the trees in this area of the campus had been checked within the past 3 months. As the man was standing underneath the live oak tree in question, a large branch broke off and pinned him to the ground. The man suffered massive internal bleeding from the impact. It was alleged that the tree had been rotting for a long time and was not being properly maintained.  An expert in forestry was sought to opine on the condition of the tree and proper industry maintenance practices.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your experience in tree maintenance and urban forestry.

Expert Witness Response E-061657

I am capable of discussing the issues and rendering an opinion related to the subject tree. My firm has assessed and inventoried 1.5 million+ trees and I have evaluated hundreds of species of trees specifically for risk. I have seen a case involving a large branch that fell on a subcontractor working on a residential home construction site.

Expert Bio:

This expert has been an urban forestry consultant and arborist for 30+ years. He received his bachelor’s in forest resources and his master’s in urban forestry. He is an internationally board-certified master arborist and instructor for tree risk assessment qualification. He has overseen projects across North America, South America, and Europe and presents internationally on topics of tree risk and urban forestry policy development. This expert has served as a regional urban forester for a state department of conservation, a superintendent of parks, and currently serves as president and owner of an urban forestry consultancy.

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