Loading Dock Accident Kills Forklift Driver

    Forklift ExpertThis case involves a workplace accident that resulted in two fatalities. The accident took place on a loading dock where a crane was lifting concrete slabs. One of the deceased workers was operating a forklift and the other was standing on the worksite directing operations. As the crane was placing a slab of concrete down, the slab accidentally slipped and fell on the two workers crushing them. It was alleged that the worksite violated OSHA safety protocols regarding forklift use by allowing the driver and the operations manager to be in such close proximity to the crane and the concrete.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please discuss your background in setting safety standards for loading operations as it pertains to unloading pipes using cranes and forklifts.

    Expert Witness Response

    I have 35+ years of experience providing safety training for forklift use. I am certified as a forklift instructor by the National Safety Council and as an OSHA authorized general industry trainer. My expertise includes various warehouse systems and industrial truck classes 1-7 including electric forklifts, pallet jacks, and tug tractors. I have authored several publications on lift-truck and forklift safety training, and I have created computer-based operator training programs for forklift use at large companies. I currently serve as the president of a forklift safety consulting firm, where I have dealt with a number of forklift foot crush incidents.



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