Lawyer Sued by Wedding Planning Firm over Trademark Licensing Dispute

Trademark expert witnessAfter a wedding planning business brokerage was prevented from fully expanding due to their license-granted operating status, they filed suit against their lawyers in Maine. Believing that they had been advised to pursue a license which restricted them from forming a franchise, the founders were unable to fully expand and allow new branches of their business to use their specific trademarks and process patents. The attorneys, meanwhile, contended that the business had decided to use their specific license after being properly advised, necessitating a corporate expert to comment on the situation.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Do you have extensive experience as a corporate or business attorney?

Expert Witness Response E-037236

I have advised brokers in various business dealings, resolving issues of broker’s fees and failed deals. Similarly, I have drafted and negotiated numerous finder agreements from both the broker and the client side. I generally advise burgeoning business brokers to be honest about their experience; it is okay to not be experienced, but their clients should always have the full information. I also do a lot of work on mergers and acquisitions, representing both buyers and sellers in stock and asset purchases. In my experience, oftentimes there will be a business broker or another intermediary who took part in bringing the parties together.

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