Law Firm Fails To Properly Transfer Real Estate Ownership

    Expert LawyerThis case involves alleged legal malpractice concerning the transfer of real estate ownership. The plaintiff inherited three condominiums on the same property following the death of his grandmother and hired a probate attorney to transfer ownership of the titles of three properties to a partnership formed by the plaintiff and his siblings. The partnership later sued the condo property owner for improper conduct of elections. When the suit was filed, it was discovered that the probate attorney and real estate attorneys had failed to properly transfer the titles and that the partnership did not actually own the title. An expert in legal malpractice was sought to review the conduct of the attorneys involved in this case and opine on their findings.

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    • 1. What is your background in legal malpractice?

    Expert Witness Response E-048763

    I have been practicing law for 42 years, mostly in real estate transactions and in reviewing titles for real estate insurance purposes. In this case, there could have been technical errors in the transfer or there could have been a clearance of the title issue. Technical errors typically occur in drafting. Title issues typically involve omitting the necessary parties with interests in the real estate. I would be happy to review this case to determine what the attorneys did not do to properly transfer the titles to the partnership.

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