Insufficiently Trained Forklift Driver Causes Fatal Accident


Forklift Accident ExpertThis case involves a fatal forklift accident in an industrial storage warehouse. The forklift driver was driving in an unsafe manner while unloading storage crates at a distribution center. The forklift driver backed up into the plaintiff loader and knocked him to the ground. The loader sustained a traumatic brain injury and was immediately rushed to the hospital. He subsequently succumbed to his injuries. It was discovered that forklift driver had only finished receiving his forklift operation training the week of the accident. It was alleged that the forklift driver did not receive sufficient training to operate the machinery.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your experience operating forklifts.

Expert Witness Response E-058668

I am a certified trainer and supervisor of forklift operation, repairs, maintenance with 40 years of industrial and warehouse experience. I am a certified with the National Center for Construction Education and Research and a CEF Certified Craft Instructor. I have extensive experience with heavy machinery, and I specialize in maintenance and safety specifically for Forklifts, DOT compliance, and aerial lifts. I have knowledge of the proper way to operate forklifts and have advised on similar cases.

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