Human Resources Expert Discusses Fatal Accident Caused by Drunk Employee

Human Resources Expert WitnessA food delivery company in Pennsylvania was named in a lawsuit after one of its employees caused a fatal accident while running company errands and driving drunk. The company had sent its employee out to run delivery errands while intoxicated; the employee lost control of the car, crashing into another vehicle and killing both the driver and passenger. Nevertheless, there was no previous record of alcohol or drugs on the employee’s record, and the surviving relatives of the deceased concluded that the company had not fulfilled their due diligence to ensure the employee was fit to drive the car while intoxicated. During the trial, a professional in drug-free workplace advocate with expertise in preventative training and education was asked to opine on the company’s policies and employment structure.

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  • 1. What is your professional expertise in relation to this case?

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I am a trained Drug Free Workplace trainer and have developed, implemented and managed state-wide requisite training in healthcare institutions and organizations. Throughout my career, I have developed and delivered more than 200 Drug Free Workplace training sessions that have educated thousands of participants on proper procedures and policies to prevent situations like the one in this case. Typically, employers will cover their policy on drug and alcohol use in the workplace within their employee handbook, and these policies will usually prohibit this behavior. If the company failed to cover this issue in its handbook then there could potentially be an issue. However, proper guidelines and procedures should be in place to prevent drunk employees from operating vehicles or heavy machinery.

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