Human Factors Expert Opines On Visibility During Car Accident

    Human Factors Expert

    This case involves an SUV driver who collided with a bicyclist at a busy intersection. The bicyclist was in the bike lane but was obscured by a garbage truck that was traveling parallel to him in the inside lane. When the SUV driver arrived at the intersection, he made a left turn and collided with the bicyclist, killing the cyclist instantly. It was alleged that given the bicyclist’s position behind the truck, it would have been impossible for any motorist in the driver’s position to perceive the oncoming bicycle. An expert in human factors was sought to review the data related to the accident and opine on what a reasonable person could have perceived in such a situation.

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    • 1. Please describe your background in human factors.

    Expert Witness Response E-045636

    I am a certified human factors professional, with a master’s degree from a prestigious southern university. I am a director for the board of certification in ergonomics, the certifying arm for human factors professionals. I have significant experience in human safety-related incidents and accident prevention design. I have been involved in cases pertaining to human safety incidents where perception and cognition were factors. I was also the human safety subject matter expert at a federal scientific organization and dealt with a number of mishaps. I was involved in driving and distraction research when I was a graduate student have published on the subject. I am an applied practitioner in the field more than I am a research scientist. I deal with real life human factors issues in design and safety vs. controlled laboratory settings.

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