Herbicide Allegedly Responsible for Mass Incidence Of Cancer Among Users

Herbicide Chemical Expert

This case involves the alleged correlation between a broad-spectrum herbicide product and the increased incidence of lymphoma cases among its users. Initially, several thousand cases were reported from agricultural workers who had experienced prolonged exposure to the herbicide over the course of their careers. Recently, however, there has been a surge in cases of this type reported from domestic gardeners who allege their recreational use of the herbicide caused their cancer. An expert was sought to explain the link between the herbicide chemicals and lymphoma with particular attention to a specific signature that can identify causation.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Are you familiar with the chemicals that can cause lymphoma? Can you elaborate?
  • 2. How would one show how this herbicide can cause lymphoma? Is there a specific signature to look at?

Expert Witness Response E-032929

I have expertise in lymphoma etiology/pathogenesesis, viral and environmental factors. My published work is mostly focused on viral factors but I am familiar with the literature as relates to chemical carcinogenesis. In the past, I have extensively reviewed the literature as relates to the etiology of lymphoma and the following agents: agent orange, dioxin, PCBs, Epstein-Barr virus, HTLV1, bacterial infections, hepatitis C. I have been invited to serve on an IARC panel in the past. I have written chapters is leading cancer/lymphoma texts. I led a major lymphoma multi-investigator, multi-institutional grant from a national medical institute (more than 15 million dollars over 8 years). I currently sit on the lymphoma guideline committee at a major cancer treatment center. I take 3-4 cases per year. I have testified in court twice. I have been deposed a half dozen or so times. I have reviewed cases and been deposed for plaintiff and for defense.

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