Forklift Design Flaw Allegedly Causes Fatal Accident On Movie Set

John Lomicky

Written by John Lomicky

- Updated onOctober 25, 2023

This case involves a fatal forklift accident that occurred in a movie studio. During preproduction, the set crew was constructing a massive set which required steel beam framing. Prior to the start of preproduction, several crew members had received training in forklift operation. During construction, various forklifts were used to carry the materials across the studio space. On the day of the incident, one operator struck the set manager resulting in a traumatic brain injury which led to the manager’s death. It was alleged that the forklift manufacturer failed to provide a backup alarm and rearview mirrors when they designed this particular forklift. An engineer with experience designing forklifts was sought to discuss standard safety measures for such products.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

1. Have you been responsible or have been part of a team that was responsible for designing forklifts?

Expert Witness Response E-009381

inline imageI am a licensed professional engineer with extensive experience in commercial and industrial equipment design. In my various roles, I have conducted competitive analysis on industrial equipment in his field, led product development and design teams, and ensured product design is compliant with industry standards. I formerly served as a design engineer for industrial vehicle design and manufacturing for a well-known forklift manufacturer. In this role, I collaborated with Japanese counterparts to localize production of new equipment with compliant designs. I was responsible for reviewing designs for regulatory compliance and for leading design work on various optional features including sensors, alarms, and operator safety systems.

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