Forensic Pathologist Determines Cause Of Pilot’s Death Following Crash

Forensic Pathology Expert

This case involves a light plane co-pilot who died from injuries sustained in a crash. The pilots needed to make an emergency landing when they realized the light plane was having engine trouble. As the plane went down, the pilot maintained consciousness and survived, but the co-pilot succumbed to his injuries. It was alleged the co-pilot’s seat was defective and failed to take the impact of the crash the way it was designed to. An expert in forensic pathology was sought to review the medical records and autopsy and confirm how the co-pilot died.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. What is your experience in forensic pathology?

Expert Witness Response E-135705

I have been a practicing forensic pathologist and medical examiner for 28+ years. During my career, I have worked for city, county, regional, and statewide systems. I was the principal author of a prestigious forensic investigators trauma atlas. I have lectured on transportation injuries at a pathology institute seminar and have also taught numerous other groups about vehicle crashes, including air transport. I have examined multiple vehicle crashes over the past 28 years that I have been in practice including helicopters, light planes, and gliders. In these cases, routine questions involve pilot injuries and activity.

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