Ferry Collides With Sailboat During Holiday Weekend

ByJohn Lomicky


Updated on April 11, 2019

This case involves a collision between a ferry and an anchored sailboat in Connecticut on a holiday weekend in the summer. The operator of the ferry decided to cut across the marina, misjudged the current, and collided with the anchored boat. The owner of the sailboat was entertaining 6 guests aboard his boat. When the ferry collided with the sailboat, several of the passengers suffered head and neck injuries. In addition, the sailboat sustained $15,000 worth of damages. An expert boat captain with experience in ferry or boat operations was sought to opine on best practices in this scenario and how such a situation could have been prevented.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

1. Please describe your experience with boat operations.

Expert Witness Response E-071393

inline imageI have 35 years of experience sailing, and I am intimately familiar with maritime industries and operational areas. I have towed barges on rivers, bays, and inlets primarily in support of fishing operations. Judging and negotiating currents, tidal effects, weather influences, and vessel traffic were required daily. I have been working as an expert since 1989, and I have reviewed similar cases. I have been admitted to numerous state courts.

About the author

John Lomicky

John Lomicky

John Lomicky is a J.D. candidate at FSU Law with a multidisciplinary background. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Neurobiology and Near Eastern Studies from Georgetown University and has graduate degrees in International Business and Eurasian Studies. John's professional experience includes working in private equity as an Associate at Kingfish Group and in legal business development and research roles at the Expert Institute. His expertise spans managing sales teams, company expansion, and providing consultative services to legal practices in various fields.

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