Factory Accident Causes Dangerous Chemical Leak

    Toxic Tort ExpertThis case involves a toxic tort surrounding a factory accident in Nebraska that caused a dangerous leakage of ethyl acrylate. In the weeks following the accident, residents in the surrounding communities began to complain of respiratory infections and skin irritation. It was alleged that the ethyl acrylate leak caused major health complications for the nearby residents. An expert toxicologist familiar with the impact of ethyl acrylate on the human body was sought to review the records and opine on whether ethyl acrylate caused the reactions individuals in the surrounding area suffered.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please briefly describe your experience in toxicology.
    • 2. What impact can this chemical have on individuals who suffer second-hand exposure?

    Expert Witness Response E-086881

    I have extensive experience in evaluating and integrating toxicological data. My primary emphasis has been on mutagenicity and carcinogenicity, but I am also familiar with other toxicological effects of concern. I am also familiar with how the US and European regulatory authorities view mutagenicity and carcinogenicity test results and their relevance for human health risk. I have experience testing ethyl acrylate for mutagenic/genetic damage, and its relationship to carcinogenicity. I can speak to the impact that this chemical would have had on individuals following a leak once I have more information regarding their levels and routes of exposure and further review of the materials. I have published and lectured on the mutagenicity of ethyl acrylate and its relationship to the ethyl acrylate carcinogenicity studies in rodents.

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