Exposure To Mold Remediation Chemicals Causes Child Brain Damage

    Sick Building Syndrome Expert / Mold ExpertThis case involves a 2-year-old child in Utah who suffered seizures after exposure to mold remediation chemicals. Following a severe seizure, the child was left in a coma for several weeks. As a result of the coma, the child suffered developmental delays and impaired brain function. A chemicals expert was sought to identify the type of chemicals which would be used for mold remediation and the foreseeability of seizure reactions from those chemicals.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your experience with mold remediation chemicals.
    • 2. What are the foreseeable risks that come from being exposed to mold remediation chemicals?

    Expert Witness Response E-001447

    I have experience with mold remediation chemicals, as my firm does extensive work with mold remediators developing remediation plans. The risks associated with mold remediation chemicals can be varied depending on the chemical substances. These can include enzymes, solvents, or ammonium-based materials. Each will have different toxicological profiles. If materials are mixed there can be consequential effects from the reactions. Identification of the chemicals used would require one of the following approaches:

    1. Access to information from the defendant on which products or materials were used which should be available with information requests and depositions
    2. Trace testing of materials to determine the presence of materials in the home

    Once the chemicals are identified, we could determine if these materials have the potential to expert the stated health impacts based on the toxicological profiles of the materials, to the extent these are known. Literature reviews and standard toxicity profiles will provide this information.

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