Experts in Materials Exposure Opine on Engineer’s Cancer

    An aerospace engineer with over twenty years in the workforce retired due to multiple health complications that were allegedly caused by his regular exposure to silica and other powder metal toxins. He contracted cancer, Hepatitis B, and numerous other health complications. Concurrently, he alleged that his workplace had done little to mitigate to warn him of his exposure to the harmful materials, and decided to sue. An expert on the subject was needed to review medical records and determine whether there was causation between the engineer’s health decline and his exposure to toxic and carcinogenic materials.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your professional experience with relation to the case at hand.

    Expert Witness Response E-055049

    I have been conducting independent medical evaluations, impairment assessments, and disability assessments in various states for over 30 years; I am a nationally recognized expert in this area. I am also an experienced consultant in occupational medicine, and I have extensive experience reviewing similar cases.

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