Employment Expert Discusses Retail Training Protocol

    Employment ExpertThis case involves an incident that occurred in retail pharmacy. The day before the incident, a woman wearing a hoodie and sunglasses came into the pharmacy and stole baby formula. Although the woman was caught on camera, police were not able to find her. The next day, a pharmacy technician thought he saw the woman who had stolen baby formula walking in the family planning aisle of the store. Without consulting the supervising pharmacist, the technician called the police. When law enforcement arrived at the store, they attacked the woman, putting her into handcuffs. The woman resisted the officers and was beaten in response. It was later discovered that the woman who was arrested was not, in fact, the woman who had robbed the store the day before. The woman who was attacked sued the pharmacy for malicious prosecution and negligent supervision. An expert in employment and human resources was sought to opine on the proper procedures for training employees.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your background in human resources.
    • 2. What specific experience do you have training employees?

    Expert Witness Response E-008733

    I am an internationally recognized human resources expert. I hold both an MBA as well as a JD, and I have published several peer-reviewed journal articles and books in my field. I have developed and delivered training courses on continuous improvement, teamwork, and customer service for employers in the private and public sectors. I have served in many human resources positions over the course of my career, including director of education services, director of customer training and technical support, vice president of human resources, and most recently the director of human resources, information technology, and safety. I served as an expert witness in a situation regarding employee training and process in pursuing a criminal in a retail environment. I have served as an expert witness on approximately 20 employment-related cases.

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