Elementary School Student Is Beaten By Program Director

    School Violence ExpertThis case involves an 8-year-old who was beaten at a tutoring center by the center’s director. The child sustained a black eye and required a neck brace. A former instructor at the center attests that the director had a habit of engaging in inappropriate and aggressive behavior. Purportedly, the center represented to parents that it had affiliations with charter schools in the area. However, the precise classification of the center is as yet unclear. An expert in school safety was sought to review the case and address the appropriate classification for this institution and comment on the standard of care.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. How might you differentiate between private schools, charter schools, and tutoring centers?

    Expert Witness Response E-374374

    Having spent the last two decades of my career conducting research on education policy with a specialization in after-school tutoring programs, I am intimately familiar with programs such as the one in this case. I led an evaluation of the quality of care and instruction for a national federally-funded study on after-school programs and I regularly collaborate with government agencies, charter school programs, and non-governmental organizations on program evaluation aimed at improving program design with specific attention to equity and quality. Tutoring centers vary significantly in terms of quality of personnel and degree of certification of personnel. Charter schools also vary in terms of authorization, operation, and capacity to serve low-income children.

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