Denial of Opioid Prescriptions to Elderly Patients with Chronic Pain

This case study explores the unjust denial of opioid prescriptions to elderly individuals with chronic pain amidst the opioid crisis, calling upon an epidemiology expert for analysis.

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Published on February 6, 2024

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Case Overview

This case study delves into a critical issue involving several elderly individuals suffering from chronic pain. Over the past decade, these patients may have been unjustifiably denied opioid prescriptions at certain pharmacies, despite legitimate medical needs.

The case calls upon an epidemiology expert to shed light on the rise in chronic pain diagnoses during the opioid crisis. It will correlate this data with the extent to which disabled individuals depend on legitimately prescribed opioid medication.

Questions to the expert and their responses


Can you describe your experience tracking/forecasting epidemiological data, specifically opioid prescriptions among disabled/elderly populations?

I am a seasoned clinical epidemiologist with over 25 years’ experience in tracking, forecasting, and conducting bio-statistical analyses of epidemiologic data in adults.

My expertise extends to research on opioid prescribing, usage patterns, predictors of abuse from both patients and prescribers, and prescriber habits. I have conducted numerous clinical studies on these topics and published dozens of peer-reviewed papers.

Currently, I am funded for several clinical trials focusing on pain management.


What information or materials would you need to review this case?

To thoroughly analyze this case, I would require data on chronic pain medication trends from various sources, as well as pharmacy prescription trends (denials and fulfillments). For specific data related to pharmacy denials or fulfillments, we might need to request information directly from the pharmacies involved.

Additionally, being trained in medicine allows me to review patient charts for diagnoses that necessitate opioids.


Have you ever reviewed a similar case? If yes, please elaborate.

Yes, my extensive experience includes working on cases that align closely with my expertise in opioid use and chronic pain management. I have written many expert reports, testified several times, and never had my testimony dismissed.

About the expert

This expert is a seasoned clinical epidemiologist with over 20 years of experience in clinical research methods, biostatistics, and patient outcomes. They have an extensive academic background, including a BA in Clinical Psychology and Philosophy, an MS in Clinical Epidemiology and Healthcare Research, a PhD in Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, and a fellowship in Epidemiology. The expert has authored over 150 peer-reviewed publications, received substantial research funding, held multiple academic positions at renowned universities, and currently serves as an adjunct associate professor of orthopedic surgery and an associate professor of surgery and epidemiology.

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