Defective Fireworks From China Cause Serious Injury

Zach Barreto

Written by Zach Barreto

- Updated onOctober 25, 2023

Defective Fireworks From China Cause Serious Injury

This case involves a 21-year-old male who suffered severe injuries after being hit by a firework manufactured in China. The young man was lighting fireworks with his family in a field outside of his home. The man lit the fuse and the firework shot toward him and his family instead of shooting into the air. They were standing approximately 75 feet away from the launch site. The man was struck twice, in his back and in his left leg, causing him to fall and sustain a concussion in addition to severe burns all over his body. An expert in pyrotechnics was sought to opine on this case.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

Are you familiar with the quality control and manufacturing processes of fireworks both domestically and in China? Is it likely that this firework was produced inadequately, for the aforementioned incident to take place?

Expert Witness Response E-004636

inline imageThe manufacturing process in China is regulated differently than in the United States, and that may have contributed to the abnormal direction that the fireworks shot. I am a qualified expert in Chinese manufacturing of fireworks and can testify about manufacturing processes and quality control. I spend a significant amount of time in China with my consulting clients, as I am primarily a global supply chain management strategist and architect. I have extensive experience in dealing with and managing Chinese manufacturing of fireworks. On top of the manufacturing process, I have also dealt with several liability cases involving fireworks manufactured in China.

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